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Jan 18, 2021 - 1 minute read - physics simulation game

Plasma Leak

Plasma leak the game.


Plasma leak is my latest game creation. It is a multiplatform open world MMORPG, releasing today.

(Kidding, it’s a crappy 2D game), but you can play it here:


You bend plasma beams using electromagnetic point charges.


The game was inspired by my other 3D EM visualizer Emmy. I wanted to make a game out of electrostatic charge distributions.

I ended up only really using point charges. I was hoping to add conducting surfaces, capacitors, and maybe even magnetic fields (and maybe maybe special relativity effects). But I’m a little tired of working on this game. It’s pretty much all I have worked on over the last 4 days.

Technical Details

The game originally used math.js to symbolically calculate the electric field, but it was running a little sluggish, so I moved to just vanilla javascript for the vector calculus.

The rest is just HTML canvas/javascript (typescript). I didn’t use a library on top of canvas so it was fun making my own event manager and buttons and such.


Maybe in the future I’ll come back and add those other object types (capacitors, magnets, etc). But not today.